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54pcs Building Blocks Wooden Tower Toy game

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This product can not only train people’s hand eye coordination and willpower, but also cultivate the balance ability. 

At the same time, the process of building blocks can also improve patience and self-control, and can exercise the flexible application of hand muscles. 

The most important thing is to get closer to the friendships and emotions of the players.



Product Name: Stacked Building Block

Product material: Wood
Net weight: 162g
Gross weight: 181g
Product packaging: color box
Product size: 160*50*50mm/6.3*1.97*1.97″
Package size: 180*55*55mm/7.09*2.17*2.17″

Product Description: This is a small size layer stacked blocks, please refer to the physical size (send with 4 dices).


Product introduction:
Throwing dice, throw what figures from what number pile to the top, be careful, the one who make the blocks fall is the loser,and then he will be punished.
Game method:
Method 1:
1. Hold a block carefully with your hand, draw out from any layer and fold it to the top.
2. Continue to draw out the accumulated blocks on the top, so that the building blocks are heaped and higher.
3. How high will it heap? When it falls, you’ll know!
Method 2:

The dice decides how many dice to decide and how to decide whether to throw the color, add, subtract, multiply or divide by others. 

Players take turns, who first dump the block of wood dump who lose, after pumping, then stack up, who let the building collapse is a loser. (Note: you have to use only one hand).


Dimensions7.09 × 2.36 × 7.09 cm












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